Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Temptation & Seduction

... and laughed and breathed and sang and knew ...

Long ago we each had a role to play
Temptation and seduction
Like a movie without a script
We improvised because we were so young
And the nights lasted that much longer.
And we were grateful for every second of darkness outside
Outside of perfectly manicured gardens
The cold grass covered in a midnight dew
Soaking through jeans and t-shirts.
We kicked our shoes off
And ran into lakes
And laughed and breathed and sang and knew
Beyond the shadow of a doubt
That no one in the world had felt the way we did
No one on this planet knew the secret of love
The feel of wet grass under bare feet
Our young bodies bare
Not yet knowing what it meant to be inhibited
Skin like petals, soft and fragrant
The trees shuffling their branches in a private dance
Only we could hear the music
Lips and whisper entangle
So new and yet ancient
Tasting like life itself
Fresh and true and hungry
We rolled and turned with the earth spinning beneath us
Air so sweet, sweet with jealousy
As we drank our youth
Those nights now so far and always so near
Not a single summers passes without a reminiscence
The trees still dance and the moon still glows
And a year of our youth is peeled off and passed down
While our hearts grow colder
And darkness no longer holds the same magic
We grow and grow
A greater distance betweens us
Though you will always remain with me
A precious memory recalled on lade summer nights
While the scent of flowers in first bloom
Still brings your name to my lips


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