Sunday, 3 October 2010

Listen to the heartbeat...

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It makes me think otherways
the ways that we throw away
the way the world had shaped,
but I can´t find my days.

It makes me think of a nation,
that is floated away.
It makes me think of a platt skies,
well above your head.

Makes me feel like,
makes me feel like... Calli´n

It makes me wonder how you,
how you try to control,
and do you ever rest your eyes of a child.

I know my ways they are lonely forget how I cry

You go somewhere
far now in your sleep
life is changing
in front of you and me.

And you try, and don´t care
and you try, you don´t care

And like the hands of a cloud
that has turning through life
and please don´t try to change me...

you watch.. the times.. crash.. over me..

Listen to the heartbeat...

It´s a constant pattern
that we´ve got to change
it is going forwards
backwards again...

watching you... watching you... watching you..........

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