Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A new old error

When I become - I, the mother flows inside
When I become - mine, the windows sound light
When I become - sly, the words slop outside
When I become - why, the mirrors drop by
When I become - I, the w o r l d s h o w s m y S I D E ...

Tomorrow is a day, tomorrow is a night
I'll see what brings that slide
I'll go where heaven shines
I'll hear what angels cry

Tomorrow is our bright, tomorrow is our white
We'll reap what Lord has lied

Today is our bright, today is our white

Today is our happy live ...

Unbroken speech
You tricked me on shaky ground
Don't tell me
How it feels like walking on rusty nails
But the pain's not mine
When we collide down is the only way out
'Cause hell's above
I try to focus on anything but the strain inside
So words rise while I touch the sky
Won't stay long
Just passing by
But you talked it away
You talked it away ...

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