Friday, 23 July 2010

Beauty is certainly one of the virtues ...


Lately, I was thinking ... (which is already not so bad :) ) It is
interesting and strange to some extend when you meet or just see
someone who is beautiful, smart and witty not lucking anything, kind of,
a whole person with no blemish, yet ..., you don't find the feeling of
...happiness, or true happiness inside them ... Why....? Perhaps ...,
internal search of love, may be even it is a subconscious process. Do
these people need someone to give themselves in with no remorse, expecting to
receive back a flood of positive love and receiving indeed ...? I am
sure they do ... Though they might not admit this even to themselves.
Beauty certainly is one of the virtues and blessings and
responsibilities given from the Creator himself ... What about the
internal beauty? Is it something we receive freely or must strive for throughout
our life ...? I do know the answers, but the answers don't know me...

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