Friday, 20 August 2010

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Between You and Jo Anne Them
Jo Anne Them 20 August at 10:51 Report
you are one tough looking muver, but you like hillsong so guess you must be nice :) x
Ervin Usman 20 August at 11:03
:) God touches all hearts :) doesn't He? :))
Jo Anne Them 20 August at 11:18 Report
not all iv discovered, in my recent personal experience some beat their wives, others abuse your young daughter. but for us... who know God we have to find it, in the part of our heart that God has softened the ability to forgive, i cannot even go there yet but i will x
Ervin Usman 20 August at 11:42
We don't choose, God is the one who does. People are either victims or those who make other to suffer. Very often this is the same person. At the end of the day it is not important, nothing is important, all your deeds, good or bad, all is rubbish. Just Jesus blood means something, or everything. The rest is dieing trash. Not very optimistic :) but true though :) The is no true happiness in this world, there is just the way. This is the way and it is our business to like it or not. Believe me - God is the answer to all questions, but His ways are soooooo unpredictable. And if you are with God it doesn't mean you never will suffer again, it just means when the time to suffer comes next time - God is going to be with you.
Jo Anne Them 20 August at 12:13 Report
he is with me already before and after. for those that do evil to those that love God it is as if they do those things to God himself. in that knowledge is comfort and then we are able to pray for those who are the perpetrators to come to repentance and be saved. and we are as important as the blood shed by Jesus or he would not have bothered dying for us
and it would not be LOVE x
Ervin Usman 20 August at 12:15
belive it and live it then :)
Jo Anne Them 20 August at 12:19 Report
sometimes going through the bad stuff we need to talk to another christian to help us establish our footing again, we get knocked down and we know where it comes from. we are vunerable in one way or another even you who has the look of a warrior.
but anyway thankyou for taking the time to reply. you have helped gather my thoughts. :)
Ervin Usman 20 August at 12:21
.... you more than right Jo Anne ... thank you 

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